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Monday, October 8, 2012

Pant Leg Vest

What to do with those old pants?  Maybe you lost weight, maybe you just don't like the style but those old pants can really take up room in your drawer.  Why not make some dress up clothes with them?  How about a cool Vest?
Start by cutting off the leg of your pants.  Take the leg and open it up by slitting open one side.  Measure on your child how long you want the vest and cut to that length with an extra 2 inches. Now, fold over all cut edges.

Stitch the edges down.  On the ends I wrap stitch or push the needle through on one side, pull taunt, then pulling around push through again from the same side you originally pushed through.  This will eliminate any gaps created from folding over the cut edge.
Stitch the entire length of the cuts.
The edge of that will be double thick is going to be twice as hard to stitch through so make sure to use a thimble.

Now, measure on the child where to place the arm holes.  Using the lip of a cup draw a circle on the measured areas and cut them out.  Have the child put it on again to make sure they fit comfortable.

Cut a small slit at the top and bottom of the holes, plus two more at either side.  Fold in and stitch to prevent tearing in the fabric.
Have the child try it on again.
Now, let them run and play with their new fun dress-up vest.

Have them put on a futuristic fashion show!  Write down the uses or imaginative things they come up with while wearing it in your kids journal!  Have fun and try not to make a pin cushion out of your fingers!!!!!

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