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Friday, May 20, 2011

Kid's say the craziest things journal!

From time to time when offering a craft, yoga pose, or other topic involving activities with children I suggest having your “Kids say the craziest things” journal with you or to write in it. So, what is this journal I keep talking about? It’s a record for you and after you have passed (or before, do what is right for you), your children. It documents the moments where your kids said something that you found to be funny, profound, sad, or evoked any strong emotion from you.

It also, documents major events in your child’s life such as a war beginning or ending, prominent figure dying, and major events locally or worldwide that occur in your child’s life. It documents events your child experiences, from a first practice to winning a major award. Later on in life you will have created a timeline for your child’s life for you to reflect on and them to read for memory recall. Their children will get a special insight to who you are by what you document and who their parents are by what they read.

This journal can be kept in a plan notebook that fits in your purse, a large notebook, a computer flash drive, a beautiful store bought journal, blog, or anything that fits your life. Record everything you can, with all that happens your may forget it tomorrow. In closing, remember to visit your journal entries often as the laughs will never get old and lessons learned good reminders of how to be better. Enjoy your kids, they grow too fast!



  1. So true. As my daughter once said in a note to me, "Yours til bacon flies."

  2. I have always told new Moms-to-be; "Treasure every moment, they pass by when you're not looking". I have written down many of my son's words and phrases, too. One of Eric's first sentences was "Happy day to you, Daddy". I love to reread my journal entries.


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