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Thursday, May 19, 2011


Here is a fun easy to make toy for kids of all ages. Most of the work is done on the stove, so you will need to do it but older kids who are good with instructions can help with the coloring and putting the goo in bags! For kids that are able to or learning words, have the kids write the color labels to attach above or on the bags. These fun bags last about a week and can help teach colors, textures, how the light reflects on things, and (if you have the bags labeled with their color) letter/word development.

• To make bags full of goo simple get cornstarch, water, sugar, food coloring, 2-4 bowls, 2-4 spoons, 2-4 freezer bags(they are more durable than sandwich bags), duct tape, clear packing tape, a measuring cup that can measure up to 4 cups, and a deep sauce pan.
• Pour into the sauce pan ½ cup sugar, 1 cup cornstarch, and 4 cups water.
• Turn the burner onto high and stir continuously until the mixture starts to thicken, turn off the burner and move pan to a cool burner, and continue to stir until mixture is like a pudding, than let sit for 30 min.
• In 2-4 bowls (depending on your preference to amount and available bags) split up the mixture.
• For the same colors as I created use 10 drops of food coloring in each bowl, remember to use more for deeper color and less for lighter colors.
• Stir up until no more streaks are seen.
• Pour mixture each color into a different bag.
• Wipe the bag off, than secure the top of the bag with duct tape to prevent leaks.
• If you have a low window tape the bags to the window, if you have a table that you don’t mind having these on for a week tape the bags onto the table, I recommend securing the bags somewhere so they are easier to watch for leaks.
• For infants the bags don’t need to be secured to anything and are great for texture exploration! For older kids they can use their finger to draw disappearing pictures, work on color identification, (if they are able to write words) word identification, light reflections, and textures without a huge mess.
• After a week toss or wash down the drain.
• Remember to regularly check for leaks in the bag and tape any found or toss the bag. If you want to about half way through the week change the bags out for new bags only combine a few colors and let the kids see if they can blend the colors.

I rate the clean up on this project easy since the goo rinses off with ease and the goo is contained for play in the bags so no washing the house or hands unless the bag breaks. The most difficult part of the cleanup is washing the tape residue off the window or table.

I like this because it can be used for all ages and for a lot of different lessons. It lasts for a week so the kids have a new toy to focus on that was easy to make and cheap! Have fun exploring with your little one and be creative!



  1. This is a fun idea. I did this as a craft for a birthday party. It was a Halloween theme and we had all of the kids arrive in their costumes. They got to pick out snakes, eyeballs, bugs, etc. for their "monster slime" and we tinted them all green.

  2. What an awesome idea for Halloween with the snakes, eyeballs, and such! I love it when a craft can be added to like this!


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