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Friday, October 5, 2012

Big Bang Boom, "Because I said so!" Kid's CD Review

Kid's music is crazy and let's face it, as much as I love listening to the kid's go nuts there are times when I crave a little adult message without exposing my kids to adult language.  Try finding that in a CD!  Well, let me help by telling you about my experience with Big, Bang, Booms, "Because I said so!" CD.
Big, Bang Boom offers a lot of great songs for kids and their music is a crazy mix of all types.  You can tell someone grew up in the 60's/70's when you hear the heartfelt "Hippy Mom" song.    Watch the kids develop and explore their musically creative side with the song "I can sing" and maybe take which ever message speaks to you the parent in the rap of that song which touches on a wide array of topics.  Ever needed something for the kid's who are experiencing a sugar high to do with that extra energy?  Just turn on the song Green Light and cover the living room in pillows as my kids ended up just giggling and moving in jerky spasms which just had me wishing for a machine to bottle that energy being expelled.  If you like Kiss to Elvis Costello then you'll appreciate the music in this CD and the added over the kid's head adult messages included in the lyrics offering your brain a nice break from the usually purely kid oriented lyrics of a kid's CD.

I would caution you if you are in the car you may want to skip the song, "Are we there yet", but recommend playing that song for the kids frequently to help them understand why asking, "Are we there Yet" all the time in the care isn't pleasant.  It's a great exposure to how a behavior translates to others.

If you want to check out this band for yourself go to  You can purchase the CD for yourself at and on iTunes!

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