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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Brave Helmet Head

Sometimes, we get a little Brave.  The kids at the daycare have been talking a lot about this movie lately. While, we haven't seen it, it is now a big deal.  So, I had to get creative and Brave to help their imaginations come to life! Ready to get Brave with me on this craft?
Milk Jug
Hole Punch

Start by taking the milk jug and cutting off the very bottom.  If you look at a milk jug near the bottom their is a slight indentation near the bottom you can use as a guide if you need to for this.  Next, measure how thick your kids nose is.  On one of the sides of the milk jug measure this length.  You will need to cut straight up until just above the top folding crease in the jug, then arch around and cut back down to the bottom.  Measure to make sure this strip is the width of your kids nose.  Now, using a Hole punch create a hole on either side of the jug about half an inch from the area the nose piece is in.  If your kid has a big head you can cut slits in the back of the helmet so it fits better on their head.  Have the kids paint whatever color knight they are on the helmet.  Once dry, tie a knot in the ribbon so it is attached at the holes on either side of the helmet.  You can either measure this to fit and be slipped on or split the ribbon and have ribbon tied on either side so you can secure it with a bow under your little knights head!  Last step, go be brave, say brave things, experience brave adventures and write it all down!

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