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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Nuby Tub Time Turtle Review

It seems that once kids are old enough to sit in the bath with or without a tub seat they start looking for more than just the washcloth to explore the water. It is great for their problem solving, environment exploration, hand eye coordination, texture exploration and a ton of other developmental skills kids need early on.  I'm always looking for new toys to help my kids explore the bath and sit still while I wash them!
Nuby sent me the Tub Time Turtle.  He is really cool.  he floats at the top of the water with his "shell" emerged in the water.  When lifted out the holes slowly drain the water creating a sort of "shower" if you will.  My kids have deployed this aspect of the toy to "wash" each other.  I use the term "wash" loosely since it seems to be a way of dumping water on each other without using a bucket or bowl thus beckoning mom's stern voice coming out since usually the sudden massive flow of water has upset someone.  This they have learned is a passable way of dumping water where mom doesn't get upset because no one else, usually, gets upset.  It is great for learning things such as cause and effect, if this has holes in it and a cup doesn't and the water comes out of this and doesn't come out of the cup then their must be a reason.  This starts their little minds starting to form questions before they can be expressed or realize what a question is, it starts the wonder in a child!  I love the wonder and believe wonder is what drives invention and genius when it results in exploration for answers!  Do my kids care about that? No, they care that it's a turtle and they love turtles and that they get to pour water on each other and play in the tub.  Check out Tub Time Turtle for your little water turtle! Click HERE to order you own Tub Time Turtle from Nuby!

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