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Thursday, September 13, 2012

San Pedro House July 10, 2012 Day 4

From Beatty's we headed to San Pedro House.   We had heard and seen a fly by of the Coot yesterday, but greedily wanted a photo of this rare bird.  We started off and excitedly headed to San Pedro House on July 10, 2012.

The feeders greeted us with the Canyon Towhee who stopped his snacking to see what we were up to.
Being uninteresting for him, he started back on his free snack.
The White Breasted Nuthatch hopped along the trees. While we looked for our Coot Friend.
Look at this cheeky little bird.
Not, seeing or hearing the Coot we decided to head back to the car for the next location.  On the way to the car we did see a Yellow-Breasted Chat perched in the tree. I love the yellow on these guys!  He was our final sighting at the San Pedro House.

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