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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Rollor's Game Giveaway

Have you seen this fun game? It is perfect for those fall festivals you have coming up!  This game is a mix of some of your favorite games.  A mix of Bocce, Bowling, and on the ground darts makes for an interesting game and great way to get off the couch as a family!  I think that this would be a great way to have people play for a grand prize at a Fall Festival!  Works in a gym and in the grass for whatever weather you have on your Festival day!
 This game isn't just fun for the family and nicely crafted, it has an amazing story behind it!  It is the brain child of Matt Butler.  He is an active duty soldier in the United States Air Force.  While on deployment to the Middle East he came up with the idea of Rollors.  Luckily for us he had the sense to bring back the old school artistry that games once had having Rollors made of wood so they are less likely to bust like the plastic games we use today.  Rollors is widely catching on being seen on Take Five Families, news shows like "What Andy Likes", and now on Mommy Moments with Abby!

On top of being on active duty and entrepreneur, he also works hard to volunteer his time with other soldiers.  He takes them under his wing teaching them the in's and out's of inventing, patenting, and creating a business from nothing more than an idea in one's head.  By doing this he is helping to create jobs, by helping others create jobs for themselves and all the while working to defend the country as a soldier, plus make is more fun with his awesome game Rollors!  He has had some articles written about what he's done aimed at helping other Active Duty officers!  One by Phoenix offering his tips to other military members on starting a business and the other on Military Times Edge which talks about his success with Rollors and his upcoming venture of a website to help other military members looking to succeed.

So, are you ready to learn to play?  Check out this awesome How To Video and then enter to win Rollor's for your home below, or if you can't wait you can go HERE for a retailer near you or click HERE to order from Amazon!
Now enter to win this game for yourself!

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