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Friday, September 28, 2012

Urban Walls Review

 A house should be full of love so why not express it on the walls. The definition of love is a great message to help the house remember during hard times during good times, that is is full of love.  I personally love the new wall decal trend in decorating and have put up decals in both my kids room so now it was time to think about the rest of the house.  So, I headed over to Urban Walls to check out what they had.

The decal itself, placed like you see in the picture it measures 23 inches wide x 61 inches high.  One thin I love about decals is that you can cut them and place them in any shape or configuration you desire based on the space you are using.  Plus, if your shopping at Urban Walls you can pick the color to best match your decor.  
So, naturally my mind goes to potential idea's for decorating.  I currently have 2 weddings I'm planning and I think this would make for an amazing behind the alter and guest photo prop!  

I ordered this in Silver/Grey.  I am going to ask a relative, since I'm planning from afar, to get a flat plywood 4 by 8ft that can be found at most hardwood stores for around $14.00.    Painting it Dark Blue and then attaching molding around the edges that would be painted silver or white.  Then place the decal on the Navy Blue, now framed, Plywood!  Then it can be hung or propped against a wall behind the alter as a great elegant backdrop to the couple as they get married.  Then it can be placed next to a nice chair for guest portraits which are very trendy in weddings right now!  Best of all it can then be taken home and hung on the wall as a great wedding reminder for the couple and an amazing wall piece to talk about at dinners!  

I'm thankful that Urban Walls has such a wide selection and allows for customer color preference on their vinyl wall decals.  Wall decals are a quick and affordable way to individualize your home without the hassle of painting. Urban Wall decals are cut (with no edges or backgrounds) from a specialized vinyl that is specifically designed for home décor. Unlike standard high gloss signage vinyl, their product has a matte finish that gives a gorgeous painted look without bleeding or permanency. They are easy to apply, last for many years and can be easily removed but not re-used. Unless you are creative like me and planning on using them as a multipurpose photo prop, wedding decor, and home decor using my idea above.  Basically, the possibilities are endless when using vinyl and are only restricted by you imagination!  So, check out Urban Walls and tell me your idea's for one of the vinyl decals!   

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  1. Oh, I just LOVE this! :) I need something like this for a blank wall in my master bedroom.


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