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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Goodbye my Uncle

Recently my family experienced a huge loss.  My uncle Terry left this world doing something he loved, but still the heartache is hard to handle sometimes.  I know the memories I keep in my heart and share with my family will keep him with us, alive in the laughter which is who he was.  He always had a goofy smile and an easy about him that welcomed you.  He had found a place in his life of satisfaction and joy, married to a wonderful woman, just finished fighting lung cancer, was retiring from his lifelong career as a firefighter to spend more time with his wife and his other love his motorcycle.  He died, at this time of joy in his life, in a motorcycle accident leaving us to early.  He left us doing something he loved and I am at least thankful for that.  His funeral was this weekend and being far away I was unable to go, but I was able to cry on my husbands shoulder and share memories of my Uncle that bring smiles to my face.  So, as I say See You Someday to my uncle, I know that he is getting to ride on an endless road where the wind and sun are always perfect and the concrete is smooth with an engine that never stalls just waiting for his passenger, his wife, to one day join him on a glorious ride through the clouds.  RIP Uncle Terry, RIP

You can see more on lung cancer story by clicking HERE

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