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Monday, August 20, 2012

What is all the Hullabalu?

I love it that my kiddo's get to have a special friend to carry with them when they need a little comfort.  They have to share so many of their toys that being able to give them that only yours friend to nap with or play with when the daycare kids are gone is important to me.  My daughter has her rabbit and my son needed a friend of his own.  So, I ordered Ziggy for him to have and was so glad I did!  

We opened the wrapping Ziggy came in to find he was just as soft and plushy as the pictures on Hullabalu showed!  

My son met his new friend and they became instant buddies! 

Ziggy's first day was full of fun with stories to be read!

A little dental work was provided by my explorative son. 

Blanket hugs and cuddles were plentiful on Ziggy's first day in his new home.

Plus, Kisses a plenty for his new best stuffed buddy!  Ziggy lives in my son's crib where he is carried, cuddled, slept with, and loved everyday!  I wish I had a Ziggy for all the kids I care for he is such a good friend for my son.  
So, what is all the Hullabalu you ask?  Well, it is a new best friend waiting to meet your child.  In fact, to make their site and products even more kid friendly they are re-tooling with new toys that have their own stories!  

The website launched on august 1st and the store will open October 1st. They will continue to be an invite-only website but we will be introducing character content and story-lines starting October 1st Meanwhile, people can start using the referral system to be earning rewards like immediate site access, $10 off, free shipping, etc that can be used once the store officially opens.  For your special invite to get in on the Hullabalu you can click HERE

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