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Monday, August 20, 2012

July 7 Birdanza Day 1 Patton's Place

From Madera Canyon we headed down to Patton's Place.  We had read a lot about this place and were excited to take a look.  The first thing I noticed was that this amazing birding paradise was that it is for sale.  I will say I can only hope that whom-ever  buys it keeps it a bird paradise and a haven for birders from everywhere, I couldn't help but notice there seemed to be a little guest cottage and if whomever purchases it decides to open that for rent I would love to help with advertising by testing it out and writing a review on the blog (sorry, shameless plug for myself). Now, with the birds!

We saw a Black-Chinned Hummingbird,


Broad-Billed Hummingbirds Galore,

(a female Broad-Billed Hummingbird)

and the hummingbirds were plentiful.

An interesting mottled looking Black-Chinned Hummingbird,

The gem of the Patton Place and what it is known for,
the Violet-Crowned Hummingbird.

He is gorgeous!

He is larger than the Broad-Bill but it is interesting to see how he is still challenged.
I loved to watch this bird at the feeder.
He bid us a fair-well or he could have just been yelling at the Broad-Bill, but I like to think he was saying bye to us and wishing us a good journey.
We saw some Black-Headed Cowbirds and House Finches at the feeders by the pond.

A Cassin's Kingbird was perched on the fence,

posing for us before flying away.  We got in the car and headed on to our next destination.

Here are some more shots of the Violet-Crowned Hummingbird, a gorgeous site!

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