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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Madera Canyon July 7 2012 Crazy Birdventure Day 1

We started our day with a vigorous hike and then went to our favorite feeders at Santa Rita Lodge on July 7, 2012.  Awake at 4:30am to start our crazy trip we definitely needed a few minutes at the feeders before heading on.
We saw our usual friends at the feeders the Broad billed at the feeder,

a Brown-Headed Cowbird, House-Finch, and some Lesser-Goldfinches at the waterfall pond,

Lesser-Goldfinches in the bushes,

and Magnificent Hummingbird

(sorry I just really love Magnificent Hummingbirds) and I definitely needed the sighting after the long hike we had looking once again for the Scarlet Tanager.

We started our hike that morning looking for the Scarlet Tanager on the Kent Springs trail.  We headed up the trail stopping now and again for my asthma and made it to the spot of frequent sightings.  We looked around and (having a husband with a better ear than my own) the hubby listened for its call.  Nothing.  We decided to follow the stream instead of the switchback trail and headed up further.

We did spot a Hermit Thrush who had found himself a tasty treat! No, Scarlet Tanager!  We went up further and further until we came to the next supply of switch backs.  We heard a song that wasn't what we were looking for, but was one my hubby knew I would be excited over.  You see he heard the Red-Faced Warbler!  Every-time I have tried to see this bird I miss it, the darn thing is like a bird on crack it won't stop jumping around.

 I got the little bugger this time!  I was so excited!

There were at least 3 jumping around!

I was ready to call this a successful trip even though we didn't get the Scarlet Tanager.  We decided to head back down the mountain.

We headed down and were about 3/4 of the way to the parking lot when something flew by us on our right.  The hubby with his hawk eyes got excited and we zero'd in on our target!  It was a Sulphur-Bellied Flycatcher!

He had caught himself a tasty treat!
He seemed to be just observing us as we photographed him!
He even seemed to give us a bird version of Vogue.



We continued on down the trail.
Our last sighting on the trail was right at the parking lot where we spotted the Yellow-Eyed Junco and his buddies hopping around the trees.

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