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Monday, August 20, 2012

Quit Nits Review

Back to School means your kids will bring home a lot of bugs. Both figuratively and literally bugs are exchanged and transferred from kid to kid and as a mom we must be prepared for anything that may walk in the door with out kids.  One bug that we all know about and no one wants to think about it Lice.

Quit Nits is made by Hyland's product so you know you are using a natural product when you use it on your child.  In recent past years the FDA found that many of the products used for Lice was  made with Lindane (an agricultural pesticide) which can cause dizziness, skin irritation, and headaches. In, 2002 California banned the use of products with Lindane because of this.  So, Quit Nits was developed giving us a great product with out the literal headaches!
It is easy to use, just shampoo, brush, and spray to get ride of those little bugs.
Lice can only be found on people and do not carry disease, however they itch and spread fast, so getting ride of them is imperative.  So, when you are doing your back to school shopping make sure to get stuff not only for when they go to school, but what they may need from what they come home.   
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