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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Birdanza Trip Day 1 Patagonia-Sonora Preserve

After bidding the Patton's House adieu, we headed down the road to the Patagonia-Sonora Preserve. It was nicely shaded and upon getting out of the car I caught a sight of blue which I thought was an Indigo Bunting, but it turned out was a Blue Grosbeak upon hunting him down.  Still a pretty bird.

They have hummingbirds flitting about, mainly Broad-Bills and Black Chins.

It seems many of our friends were snacking today as we caught sight of a Brown-Crested Flycatcher with a treat in his mouth.

A Cassin's King-bird hung out just watching us walk around.

We heard a pecking and looked up to see a Gila Woodpecker looking for some bugs in a tree.
We were very excited when we heard the call of a Hawk.

We were even more excited when we saw him across an open field perched high in a tree.

He was a Gray Hawk.
He seemed to be watching us.
See, he seems to be looking at me through the lens.
This shot sort of made me feel like food.
We saw the Northern Beardless Tyrannulet hanging out on a branch.

The Summer Tanager female was hiding a little.
The male Summer Tanager was a little more open to putting on a little photo show for us.

We had to do a little spelunking to figure out that this little guy was a Juvenile Vermilion Flycatcher.
You can tell by his color that his is loosing the white feathers.
The female in the area wasn't shy and was waiting for us at the trail.

Her mate was close by checking us out.
He posed for us as well!

After this we headed in to Ramsey Canyon to our hotel for the night. This was an end to Day 1, onto Day 2!

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