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Saturday, May 26, 2012

A new use for old Panty Hose

I have noticed a new fashion trend with woman wearing Panty Hose again, thank you Kate Middleton.  The problem is that those darn hose get runs and now what?!  As we embrace the new Hose movement I figured I'd offer a few uses for the hose that gets a run in it.  Here are just some of the things you can do with the old hose:

Hold up new trees or falling plants: Drive a wooden stake on either side of the plant or tree, then use the hose to tie the tree to the steaks!  Ta-da!  You've now helped your garden grow with a pair of Hose!

Polish your floors: Polishing the floors is so boring!  You can now do it with the help of hose, put on a fuzzy pair of socks, then put on the hose, put down your floor polish and skate around burning calories and polishing the floor at the same time!  This is slick and you can fall so be careful and if you are accident prone or have an issue with breaking limbs attach the socks and hose to your hands, get on your hands and knees and rub the floors.  Be careful with this one and do it at your own risk I'm not responsible for falls!!!!

Captivating Cats: Put some catnip or an old sock rolled into a ball in the toe and tie it so it's tight.  Hang it from any cat toy, table, or just dangle in front of the cat for hours of fun!!!!!

Plastic Bag Holder: Put a hook in your pantry.  Tie on the hook your panty hose about where the knee would be, cut a hold in near the hook that you can put hand in and a small hole in the bottom.  Now, fill with plastic bags and pull from the bottom when you need one!


  1. They can also be used as a temporary fan belt in a pinch. You don't want to know how I know that.

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