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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mommy Tools:Vista Print Review

As a business owner and blogger I'm always looking for ways to advertise and get my name out there. It is important as a business owner to have a good business card to send out, have for other business's to give out, and for your clients to have in their wallets! Writing a note on something with your name on it that someone puts on their fridge as a reminder can get their friends asking about you, having cards with your website and name are great for all those win a free lunch give away's at local eateries (plus free advertising if you win since they announce your name). Postcards or brochures are great if you participate in any sort of fundraiser or event (if you're donating a lot of times you can talk to them about including you on their websites as a donor or putting your information in a grab bag)! Postcards can be sent to Doctor offices or any place that applies to your business for them to post or just put up at the local starbucks neighbor hood boards!

Moms can use all these products too! The address stamp or labels are great for quick postage! Brochures can replace christmas cards and you can just write an "Us in a year" to send to family updating on all your family has done! You can always use a tote for groceries, shopping, practice, holding other bags, and organizing the backseat of your car. Their are a lot of mom products that can make life easier! Make a mommy card with your name email and phone number for your kids friends parents to keep in their wallets in case something happens when they are together all the information they need to contact you is right their for them to use or (heaven forbid) for them to give the paramedics.

Finding this stuff at a good price is no picnic. When you're just getting started in any business, it can be hard to find quality supplies at good prices that reflect your business. I had a hard time weeding through all the places online so, I asked a veteran daycare provider that I send business to when full and visa versa, what she uses. She sent me to Vista Print.

I'm sure you've seen their ads online before, but never stopped in, DO IT NOW! You can get free stuff to market yourself and just pay shipping! So far, I have free car magnets, a free shirt, address stamp, notepad, sticky notes, pens, tote bag, banner, window decal, free return address stickers, key chains, and free postcard (both regular and extra large)! All I paid was shipping! They have other items like brochures, cards, websites, advertising, and calendars that I haven't used. Visit Vista Print to get your gear for your blog/business or get some mommy gear like holiday cards, totes, or address stamps! Just click on the link below and get started!

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