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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bringing Color to the Kids!!!

Spring isn't too far off and I'm gearing up for the heat, luckily in Arizona we get a few months of amazing flowers!  One of our favorite things to do in the Spring is to go hiking during this season to look at the colors and different types of flowers.  I would love to be able to bring some of that home!  So, I've decided to set out and find some colorful flowers to plant with the kids!  I visited the site: Curbside Chaos and found out they are having an awesome giveaway!  Naturally I entered because who wouldn't want a 5,000 yard makeover plus a visit from Taniya Nayak!!!!! Visit Curbside Chaos and make sure to tweet the contest since each tweet gets 1.00 donated to Rebuilding Together (a non-profit organization who works hard to revitalize neighborhoods and preserve home ownership)!

Once I entered the contest, I noticed they had a great tool to help me decide which flowers to have the kids plant for our inside garden.  It just gets far too hot for an outside one!  At the bottom left they have a tool called Garden Guru. So, I figured why not!  I followed the steps: enter country, enter area I'm located in (a little trickier since I'm in the middle of a swirl), pick a bulb, and finally note the tips to get planting!  Here was my Garden Guru result!

Hyacinths in a cinch!


Steps for better growth

  • Start with firm, plump hyacinth bulbs, free from cuts, bruises or mold. Plant in Fall (Sept 23-Dec 22), when soil has cooled off and ground freezing is imminent.
  • Using a spade, dig a hole 7-8 inches deep and place the bulb pointed end up.
  • Cover and lightly pack soil, then water thoroughly- and you’re done!
Tips: In areas with mild winters, plant later and chill your bulbs up to 8 weeks prior to planting. Plant in a sunny or partially shaded area. Space your bulbs 6 inches apart.

So, now I just need to get my bulbs, some dirt, and put the bulbs in the fridge for a few weeks and then the kids will be able to, dump in the dirt, dig the whole, and drop the bulb, then watch it grow.  So, easy, why did I mess with seeds before?  Even better, I get to think up a cool container to create with the kids for their plants!!!!
Now to add a bit of hilarity to your day, I kept seeing: Dig, Drop, Done, Bulbs all over this site and assumed it was a logo or another link to more bulbs.  So, I clicked on it because thats what I do.  It is a great site with bulb planting ideas by some funny women who put up their video ideas and planting tips.  It turns out they are the ones putting on the Curbside Chaos event and giveaway, visit to learn more!!!!

I checked out their bulb ideas and noticed each one had a tip from one of the ladies.  So, being a snoop I went to see more about the ladies and found they each have little videos of tips and suggestions filled with humor in their bio sections. I seriously was laughing at Marcy!
Meet MarcyShe is a stay at home mom,  who seems to be having the same issues that I do with getting everything in order, maintaining the kids, and creating a great environment for her family.  Her video tips humor was cracking me up.  Even better she has a great idea on keeping track of the kids stuff!

So, now I have a great site to help me get some color in the desert and a new project to plan out for the daycare kiddo's!  I would say that is some great web searching on my part!  Hopefully this summer I'll be able to post about some flowers grown by the kids, but should warn you that I have a tendency to have a black thumb.  Here goes nothing!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Bulbs. Dig, Drop, Done.. All opinions are 100% mine.
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