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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Start off your day with coffee Review

Start of the day right! I will admit it, I love the morning brew! Start me up with a cup ofcoffee! That smell, that taste, that added burst of energy from the caffeine pulsing through my veins and my day is off. 

I unfortunately don't have time to brew some everyday, but I try to treat myself to a good morning start at least once a week. It is my weekly selfish task! No one else drinks it but me, so I indulge as a way of saying good job to myself! We don't always get recognition for all we do and taking a minute to oneself for a deep breath, pat on the back, or mental boost can really help keep a person going.

Now, because of the economy coffee can be a luxury so I'm always looking for deals! You don't want the bargin bin coffee (I worked at a hospital and when on a double that stuff keeps a person awake and going but not much for taste). So, finding a deal on a little more flavor can really add to a moment! I found a deal onFor some great deals from Roaste for gourmet coffee and coffee accessories! coffee click on the link below. Your coffee buds in your mouth will thank you! 

- Free Shipping on order $35+ 

- Use coupon code for $5 off your first coffee purchase- BLOGME5

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