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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Tonight is debate night and for those of us in AZ, it's a big deal because it is here in Phoenix!  They have been showing the stages of set up on the news all week to gear us up for the debate and yesterday hopefuls started their arrival.  So, many of you are asking, Why do I care, I'm only a parent, and politics aren't my thing.  Well, make them your thing and here is why:

As parents we should be trying to watch all sides of the political presidential running because it will change and gear our parenting in years to come.  These politicians decide laws, grants, tax deductions, education policy, military decisions, and (potentially) our healthcare.  As a parent you should want to know what these people think about things like education for your child and it's structure or availability in years to come.  I don't want crowded classrooms where the loudest kid gets the attention while my more quiet/focused child gets bored and left in the dust.  I also don't want to hear about text books from 10 years ago being shared by students or other outdated equipment used to teach my child.  I want to know what is being done to ensure my child thrives and has current information/equipment available. I want to know that grants will be available for those kids looking to start their own businesses in high school or to go to college with.  I want to know that harsh laws are in place for any one looking to harm or take advantage of my child should that happen.  I want to know a military is in place to protect us against any potential threat in the future. I would like to know the deductions for raising this child are in place so I can afford to provide for them what we work hard for.  I want to know that if you are willing to put your sweat into your life you will not pay for those who don't.  Lastly,  I want to know the best person is getting the job regardless of which side of the ledger they stand on.  As a parent, I will be DVRing and watching the debate tonight because it is my job as a parent to know what is going on that will affect my children so I can better plan for their future.

What are you going to be doing for the debate? Will you be their in person?  Will you watch it later?  Will you change the channel and do you disagree with what I said above?  I'm interested in what you will be doing, not who you think is awesome.  Comment your plans for the evening below!

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