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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bunk Beds sure have changed!

How many of you have a large family?  Basically, how many have more than 2 kids?  I have been thinking a lot about this lately.  No, family and friends we are not expecting, this year, but I would like a large family.  Eventually, we will move up as my husband advances in his job and potentially move to an area where housing is more expensive.  This means that while each kid has their own room now, plus guest rooms their will be a time when that isn't possible.  How do you manage it?  If I am going to bring the maybe we should have a larger family talk to the husband I want to have these details worked out.

Sleeping is my first concern since the bedrooms will be the first issue.  Chances are kids will have to share a room, so how do I manage the toys vs dressers vs beds in a combined room?  My thoughts have recently dabbled in bunk beds.  I searched just that and time's have changed since I was a kid and their were just two beds nailed on top of each other. I always wanted a bunk bed when I was a kid and I'll be honest if they had the one's I saw now when I was a kid, I probably would have found a better argument to give my parents when I was asking for one.

It's not just the design of the beds as you'd think either, its the size of the beds, the combinations, the way to get up the beds, it's all changed.  I do feel this is the best way to combat the room space issue, but deciding on one is a lot harder than I anticipated.  First size, do I want full over full bunk beds or a twin over full bunk bed or twin over twin or (instead of the bed) bed over desk?  I even found one with 3 beds! (its the picture above, it was too cool not to use)  I'm guessing it will be depending on the size of the room, but personally would think a full over full would be the best bet for longer use as the kids grow.

Next, issue is how do they get up there?  Do I go for the old fashion ladder or just climb anyway you can method from when I was a kid or do I look at the bunk beds with stairs?  One one hand the ladder is classic and the kids seem to love it, on the other the stairs seem less likely to have a nighttime accident while going up or down and more potty friendly to me.

Lastly, color. Seriously, you name it and the color or design theme is available.  I thought about doing the theme route, but I want this to last and think a solid color is best.  I'm hoping that when this is what I'm looking at in a few years the one I decide on will only come in one or two colors to save myself the headache.

Yes, I know my kids are newly 2 and 1, but when planning a future everything has to be considered for less problems down the road.  I think bunk beds are a great idea for consolidating space in a shared room and in researching them have found they are a lot more stylish than when I was a kid.  I would love to hear your thoughts on bunk beds and how to save space while sharing rooms, feel free to comment below!

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