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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Holiday Shopping Woes Already?!!!

So, we just had Valentine's Day and while I'm sure many will be taking a shopping break I am already on the move searching for the great deals for Easter, Father's Day, and my Anniversary.  I love using google for searching for stuff because they seem to bring everyone up in their searches.  I would like to say that I think Valentine's day is the easiest holiday to find gifts for because they are everywhere!  The rest of the holiday's, not so much.  I mean it's not like we all get married on the same day for the Wedding Anniversary sales!  So, I need your help on a  few Holiday's I'm trying to get the jump on!

Speaking of Anniversaries mine is in June, but I'm starting to look now to get the best deals!  Yes, I'm a Bargain Hunting Betty, but I want to get the most for my hard earned money.  So, for Valentine's Day I looked at upgrading my husbands wedding band, searching for things like mens black diamond 3 carat rings, but ended up getting my husband something less costly that would help him with his Arabic.  I thought about looking at this again, but the traditional gift is of Leather for this year.  So, now I need to find something that is out of the box and made of leather.  This is why I'm asking you my readers for help!  Any idea's?  Comment them below.

Which move's me onto my next dilemma for shopping, Mother's Day!  Bet you thought I'd say Father's Day right?! I figure I can use some of the ideas for the Anniversary to potentially cover that holiday, so Mother's Day is my other request for help!  Now, I thought about getting the mothers in my life a long high neck zip robe since they all live in colder climates than I do and I figured that with some tea's or cocoa's and it would be a great gift, but then someone reminded me that they had gotten one for Christmas and ended up needing a zipper repair kit with 9mm.  They also noted that with summer coming that may be a better idea for Christmas with the repair kit being a stocking stuffer, so again, what are some idea's for Mother's Day?  I'm trying to get in on the deals and get the shopping done early, so if you have an awesome idea let me know by commenting below!!

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