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Monday, January 23, 2012

Starting a Rock Band! Music Box!

The kids are all hyper from the holiday spread we just had and need something to busy their minds and hands.  To help resolve this issue let’s make some crafts that can be re-used time and time again, plus save a dollar or two on the expensive versions at the store.  Let’s help the kids create a rock band!

We will start by making our music box!  After all, if we don’t have a place to put our instruments they will probably end up on the floor! So, time to gather our supplies!

You need:

One long large diaper box
One Large wipes bulk box (must be shorter than the one above)
White paper
Decorating items
Hot Glue
Contact Paper or clear Packing Tape

Start by cutting off the flaps to the top of the long box and re-enforcing the bottom with tape.  Next cut the top and bottom flaps of the large box off.  Set, the top short box on the opening of the long box so that three of the sides line up.  Using Hot Glue line those three sides two or three times allowing drying in the middle.  Tape the boxes together for added security.  Now, cover the entire thing in white paper. 

Set it down and hand over the decorating items to the kids.  Let them go nuts, making their music box ready for those instruments!  Once it is decorated and dried, cover in contact paper.  We are finished!  Your music box is ready to collect those instruments.  Talk to the kids about how music has touched your life.  Maybe put on some tunes for an impromptu dance party!  Whatever you do, share the love of music with your kids and put some rhythm in their lives. 

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