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Friday, January 20, 2012

Mulch on the Mind!!!!

So, these entire house repairs that I’ve been blogging about lately have me seeing things I want around the house now. We bought a foreclosure that was in a good school district with a large lot in great condition just needing a few things here or there.  I always knew the house needed a little love, but never really saw things specific that I wanted different other than paint here or flooring there.  Now, after the sink, disposal, dishwasher, faucet, dog dirt episode, water heater, continuous replanting of the grass in the front, constant pool filter battle, and randomly dead trees, I can't help but see more things to do around the house and yard.  It's overwhelming.  My latest obsession is Rubber Mulch!!!!

As you are aware I run a daycare and the kids love to play outside in these cooler months in AZ.  The problem is I have an area we put fake grass in (water bill savings is awesome after that installation) which is surrounded by rocks or the patio.  This means safe running ground is limited.  So, the problem I have is finding a way to safely increase that area without more fake grass which requires maintenance of the vacuuming kind.  Selfishly, I already have enough vacuuming with this house and am not looking to increase that chore. 

I began by looking at what most people use as space filler in their yards.  I started by looking atmulch options online.  In my hours of searching I discovered this new kind of mulch they have made of rubber.  It was under the keyword term landscapes mulch which I didn't expect.  I got the normal bark, moss, and wood chips (which is what I expected to see).  This got me seeing splinters, stains, and scraped knees.  Great, all things I want to avoid, I mean I could just keep the rocks and concrete and have the same results!  Then, I saw the rubber option and was thinking this is perfect for playground flooring!  No scraps, no splinters, no stains!!!! It sounds like a daycare owner’s playtime dream!  The only thing I can see as an issue is the dogs trying to eat it or pee on it because it smells like a Kong or something.  A little training on my part can fix that issue.

It comes in all colors, so I can do the section around the fake grass, put in an arched stone rock-way to separate the rock area that I'll keep since it has the trees and the dogs need a place to do their business, but still have it look like it matches!  If you didn't notice I've already re-done yet another part of my home in my mind.  My husband is going to have fits, because he usually ends up doing the physical labor for all repairs and re-structuring I come up with...which leads me to my next issue.  How to find the funds and convincing power to get the hubby to agree to more work on the house!!!!!!  The real test of marriage seems to be home ownership and decorating them!!!!!

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