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Friday, January 20, 2012

I have no patience!!!

So, I know Valentine's Day is coming and I should be patient, but seriously there are some gifts you just want now!  We just over loaded our systems with caloric food and amazingly delicious goodies, now we are expected to put them through and instant withdrawal?!  What is with that!  Not fair I say.  I don't know about the rest of you, but I want the chocolate, NOW!!!!

I know, I know my thighs will hate me, but seriously I think my system is on a serious goody withdrawal because I see those ads for those darn heart boxes, gold boxes, and dipped strawberries and my mouth starts salivating, my nostrils smell chocolate that isn't there, and (while I haven't seen it) I'm sure my pupils dilate.  So, we jam all sorts of wonderful tastes into our bodies for months and then have to wait another month before we get the opportunity to get more?  Something is amiss with this!  I say it just isn't fair and to top it off why is it, when a day is a little more stressful than most does it seem like there are more ads and commercials full of morsels to temp us?  So, I say someone send me a little heart or gold box now!  If you can't tell by my random ranting post.  I'm in need of something sweet to eat.  

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