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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Drum Line!!! Key in every Rock Band!

 I remember a time when I could sit down and actually hear the TV show I was trying to watch or the rain as it sang its lullaby against the roof, or was able to focus in silence to the book I was trying to read.  What happened to those times?  I had kids and that meant that my life would never be silent again.  So, with this revelation I can either fight it or join it.  I choose to let the noise rule out and join in the fun!  Why not start with a little drum?

You need:
Empty large formula or round oatmeal container (anything with a plastic lid and metal bottom)
The inside of wrapping paper or some other thick cardboard tubing
Contact paper or clear packing tape

Start with the container and clean it out.  Let it dry and then have the kids go nuts decorating it.  Avoid decorating the lid by just removing it when they are creating their masterpiece.  Once it is finished and dry, poke a hole in either side near the top of the container.  Thread the string through and tie it off with a double knot.  Make sure that it hangs low enough on your child before double knotting it.  Now, cover in contact paper to make the lid stay on and the decorations last longer.

Take the thick cardboard tubing and cut it down to two twelve inch pieces.  

Poke a hole in each one and with string tie it to the string of the drum allowing length to lift and strike the top of the drum with each one.  Put over your kids head and watch your little drummer march off to the beat of their own drum!!!! 

Write down everything they say in your kids’ journal and make note of any songs they try to play.  Maybe video tape those putting on their own drum solo show for memories to come.  Just remember we all have a beat inside ourselves, let your kid find theirs and know that no beat is abnormal!

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