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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Buying Big!!!!

So, how many of you know what this season is financially?  You're right it is major purchase season!  This means you are not only gearing up for taxes if you're a small business owner (home daycare) like me, but you're deciding if you're going to try for a deal on a major purchase item, like a care or for some of you a home!  This is the time of year where last years models of cars get discounted for still being on the lot, but no longer considered by consumers as new since they are last years model.  It is also the time of year where you see houses go up on the market in mass!!!  However you look at it, it's a major purchase time of year!

Sadly, if you are like me it also means you have no idea what you are working with as far as credit to make these purchases.  Seriously, in this market unless you're looking to buy something big chances are you're focusing on getting bills paid off so that one day you can check your score because you know it's pretty and you like to look at it.  However, before you go looking for a loan or to buy big you have to make that credit report check.  It's O.K. do to it with one eye open and the other closed, no one will know or tell. This is you're first step in pre-paring to make those huge ticket purchases!  Always start with this step!!!!!

Now, that you know what you're looking like decide the specifics of what you're looking for purchasing.  Just make sure you do you're research first.  Look at Zillow to see what the houses in the area you're looking at are going at.  Check Blue Book for what the type of your car is worth and then check the classifieds for a general idea on what those cars are being sold at.  Check government sites for grants, tax breaks, or other assistance in making these large purchases.  Find out everything you can about what you are needing or wanting to buy and make a file with the information in it to take with you when you go to make your purchase.  This file will act as you're reference and fact checking points!

Again, do not forget to run a check on yourself as well!  Be smart though and make sure to look up a free credit score checking site, to avoid spending money before you need.  Also, having a pre-approved loan in hand with a copy of your score can be a huge bargaining chip when you walk into a major purchase environment because often those companies will try to beat what you've been offered.  Just make sure and read the fine print of all deals to ensure they don't adjust the rate offered down the road!  Any un-fixed loan is a horrible idea because no one can predict the future in the market today and a spike or sudden downfall will kill you're pocketbook and bottom line.  Also, always shop within your budget if not slightly under to allow for unseen or unforeseeable costs!

Now, that you're geared up and have your file of prepared information, walk with confidence and ready to bargain your way into an amazing deal or beautiful home!  As a parent we always have to be pre-pared to do everything we can in order to provide our best for our children.  I hope these purchasing reminders will help you get the best for you're family this year!  

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  1. These are all great suggestions. Buying things you can afford can certainly reduce your stress in the future!


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