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Friday, December 9, 2011

Scrap-booking fantastic

I consider myself a pretty crafty gal, but often get backed up with projects, writing ideas, and scrapbooking for the family. I've always loved the look of the finished scrapbook and feel it has much more emotions then just a photo album, but seriously cutting all those things out sticking them together, cutting out the photo's and the endless hunt for the tape which is usually found under a pile I've created just makes it so my photo's pile up! I have always been hesitant to try any software for scrapbooking, because I'm just not all that computer smart. (I know I have a blog, I'm learning as I go, but willing to state not the saviest tech-mama out there) So, what does an overwhelmed mom with more scrapbooking than she knows how to have time for do? She takes the plunge.

I was asked by My Memories Digital Scrapbook to review their product. Why not? I mean I take a few minutes and check it out and see if I can finally start making headway on my stacks of stuff. So, I took the offer and checked it out.

I loved it! The pages are adorable. You can get pre-made templates and add to them or make your own. Best part is you can put your scrapbooks on your blogs with sound or download to a DVD and give them as a gift! Weddings, baby showers, yearly scrapbooks for the kids, grandparent books, high-school memories, you name it there is a themed page or template to use. I really love the fact that they aren't stuck online either. I can export them to my computer as a jpg and send them to Shutter-fly or Costco to print for my scrapbook in the bookshelf!

OK, so maybe I should have checked out this digital scrap-booking software stuff sooner.

I continued to rummage around my memories suite and found they have more than just scrap-booking! If you read me than you know I love multi-functional stuff! They have the ability to make calendar cubes, desk calendars, gift tags (personalized notice the photo of mine), and DVD's! Yep, you can even take those family movies and make them "scrappy"!

I did find that figuring out that to paste something I had copied I had to go up to the tool bar and click the paste icon took me a minute, but again not the techi-est person out there. So, other than a few minutes playing around with buttons and tools I found it very easy to use. I have to be honest with you, if you would have asked me a year ago if I'd be looking at scrapbook software I would have looked at you cross-eyed and called you nuts. Now, I'm blogging about it and telling you to check it out for yourself! Seriously, check out and tell me what you think in a comment below.

If you visit the site and love what they offer then, use this code: STMMMS60602 which gives you a $10 discount off the purchase of the My Memories Suite Scrapbook software and a $10 coupon on your reciept for the store - $20 value! It makes a great gift for a scrap-booking friend or family member or for yourself. They also have wedding album software and baby software,but the coupon is only good for the My Memories Suite V3! (Hint: I may be doing a give away for this starting in the next few days, so stay tuned!!!)

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