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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Paw Socks were hung with care!

During the holidays we can get wrapped up with getting gifts for the family, but often we forget some important family members!  Don't forget the fur-babies this year!  This doesn't mean you have to only spoil them with gifts!  After all, we do give underwear and socks to the kids.  Give your fur-babies the gift of health!  Get them a few gifts for under the tree and don't forget to stuff a special paw sock to have hung on the mantle as well!

Stuffing your paw sock this year can be easy if you remember to give them what they need.  You can put in toothpaste, toothbrush, a chew bone,K9 Advantix , and heartworm meds!  Tada, your puppy’s sock is full of goodies to help keep them healthy this year!  Now, you can focus on wrapping some awesome puppy toys for under the tree. 

You can keep your vet bills down with a little prevention.  This can elongate your animals’ life and increase their life’s quality and is there really a better gift then that?  I love my puppies and this year they will all be getting their toothbrushes, rawhide chews, toothpaste, K9 Advantix, and heartworm treatments in their paw socks!  I have heard rumblings of a few potential toys under the tree for them from their grandparents, which will make for some healthy and spoiled fur babies in this house!

For more information on raising a healthy pet check out this website I found some great preventative tips on:

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