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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas from a different veiw

Christmas is an amazing holiday and focuses so much on the kids!  We take them to see Santa, find adorable little red and white outfits for them to wear, make lists that we give to everyone, and glow over their handmade decorations!   I love it!  Recently, however, I found that there are those who find this time of year especially hard.  I have had the pain of experiencing this other side through a few friends of mine.

Having a child for some is easy, for others it’s a result of immaturity, for others it is a struggle.  For those trying to get pregnant this time of the year can be a real slap in the face.  Every where they turn it’s a reminder of the kids or child they do not yet have.  Sometimes it’s medically determined why they can’t have kids, other just seem to be unable to get pregnant no matter what they try.  No matter the cause it is still a painful endeavor.  I never thought about how something like going to the store, watching TV, or even just checking your email can bring the reminder of the gift of a child that these people don’t have.  I challenge you moms to embrace your friends who are facing this struggle with a special no child dinner keeping topics strictly adult.  I challenge those going through this to talk about it openly with your friends and allow them the chance to understand what the season may not bring to you that it brings to them.  If you know someone that has been trying for a while with no success maybe direct them to some facts regarding infertility.  A great site for some information is:  If you are interested in helping someone who may have a fertility issue consider becoming an egg donor.  

Remember the true meaning of Christmas is about giving.  Remembering to give understanding and support to those in our lives who’s pain may not be on the surface by paying attention to what is going on in their lives is the best give a person can give!  

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