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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Holiday Shopping!

So, this year I'm attempting to not leave the house to do my shopping.  Not an easy task when you shop consignment for the kids clothes like I do and most places don't do consignment online.  I checked E-Bay and Amazon, but the pictures weren't that great and I wanted to see what I was going to be getting and shipping costs can really add up.  Seriously, every time I turn around I feel like the kids are outgrowing something! I hunted and hunted and finally found my answer!  I found!

This site is great!  You can search by size and the prices are always low!  They have deals occasionally making their prices even better!  Their clothes are super cute and usually coming, you guessed it, in bundles!  I made my order last week to find out they are having a great deal on shipping!  If you spend $35.00 you get free shipping!  I have 2 under 2 so spending $35.00 on clothes, even if they are bundled into sets, is not hard to do!  I got notice the following day that my order is in the mail shipping my way!

Ordering was easy, you can use pay pal and have it protected, which is amazing since you can reveal less personal information adding to the protection of your purchase.  Just click on what you want and put it in your cart, click to order, submit and done!  Simple as 1-2-3.  I'm so excited for the clothes to arrive!!!!

If you want some great deals on kids clothes for the holidays visit:, or click on their button on my button page, and when you're cashing out your cart just tell them Abby referred you!    

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