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Friday, December 2, 2011

Scented Pine Cones!!!!

 Go on a Pine cone hunt!  Have the kids find as many pine cones as they can!  Take a wagon or garbage bag if you can and have them fill it up!  They will love hunting around and discovering the different things in nature and you can talk about how the big trees come from the pine cones they are finding!  I love duality!

Once you get them back and unbundled cook the pinecones at 200 degrees for 10-15 min.  This kills the bacteria and bugs.  Mix a bowl full of half glue/half water (you’re going for runny glue).  Set the kids up in their paint outfits and hand them brushes.  Have them paint the glue on the pinecones (dipping is alright as well!

Mix together ½ cup of cinnamon, ½ cup of nutmeg, and 1 tablespoon all spice.  Mix together and sprinkle in the bag of glue pine cones as they fill it up.  I sprinkled in every layer of pine cones and twisted the bag close for a good shaking.  Then, re-opened the bag for more pine cones to be added to it.  Once all the pine cones have been added, dump the remaining spices in the bag and shake well.

Cut open a trash bag and lay flat somewhere dry and where the pinecones won’t be disturbed.  If outside, secure with rocks in case of wind.  Now, pour out the coated pine cones to dry!  Ta-da, you now has some heavenly scented cones to display in your home and add a great smell!

Change the spice combo for more of a cinnamon smell or all spice smell!  Pick your favorite spice smell and use that spice!   Now enjoy your great smelling home and happily crafty kids!


  1. Great idea. Wonder how long the scent lingers.

  2. So far it's lasted about a week and still, I experimented with this first to see if it would even be sticky!

  3. Thanks! Best part is you can scent them with whatever season you like for any time of the year!


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