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Monday, November 21, 2011

Puppy's vs Babies!

Ah, the age old question, Are puppies or babies cuter?  This question is particularly difficult for me.  I am the mom of two human babies and three fur babies!  So, how does a mom say one is cuter than the other?!  There are pro’s and con’s to both in their cuteness factor.  Let’s outline them both.Puppies vs. Babies online contest
This post brought to you by Puppies vs. Babies. All opinions are 100% mine.

Puppies vs. Babies

Babies-Babies are cute after the first month when they stop looking like little elderly people shrunk down and start getting that adorable baby fat.  That is when the eye color starts to become apparent and they really show the signs of their personality.  However there is that first month and while I personally thought my babies were adorable from the start, I am willing to admit that the first month they tend to look less like the baby pictured in the Parents magazine and more like a mix of a miniature 90 year old and an alien (the birth canal unfortunately can give them that oddly long dome head which thankfully reshapes to normal human shape).  Their cuteness factor is exponential however!  Once they put on some baby fat and lose the traumatic body alterations that happen from birth they turn into these little dolls. They have that amazing baby smell (which is sometimes replaced by sour milk poop or toxic poop when foods are introduced and let’s not get started on the blow out messes!).  They have their little gummy or mini-tooth smiles that come with Pillsbury dough boy style tummy giggles which are infections and never fail to bring a smile.  They watch you with their big baby eyes and study you seeking your affection at every turn always ready for kissy or huggy time!  Their baby hair is never out of place even when it’s partially sticking up from a drooly night of sleeping on one side.  While I could go on for pages on their cuteness I’ll end with the fact that a giant mess which would typically drive us insane with annoyance and frustration over having to clean it up instead sends us running for camcorders and camera’s to capture for memories shared in the years to come.  Only babies can make a giant mess of food or freshly cleaned/folded clothes now all over the floor and child forgivable and camera worthy.

Puppies- Puppies are cute when small and you’re able to carry them without breaking your back.  I have three fur babies and they are all medium to large dogs.  I still find them adorable and can’t help to want to cuddle with them at random times, that said the trying to chew on furniture was only cute and forgivable a few times and the trash can exploration only camera worthy the first time.  Peeing or pooping inside was never cute and to this day I hate picking up dog poop (that said if the kids weren’t toilet trained in the first few years and I had to pick up their poop I’d hate that too!)  All that said nothing replaces the sweet puppy breathe on your face when the slumber or the sandpaper tongue caressing your feet or hand when you’re having a bad day.  They are living teddy bears that love you no matter what you look like or how smart you are.  Like babies they have their own personalities and unlike babies can stay puppy like long past their transition to “adult” dog.  I have seen looks from all my dogs where, other than their size, they look just like their puppy selves and my oldest is 7!  They sneak up to sleep with me at night and are always willing to warm my icicle feet!  Never a complaint, never an attempted to not be petted and hugged because there is something cooler over there.  They are a constant furry package of adorable mush dispensing constant love and affection.  Only puppies can destroy completely your most expensive favorite shoes and have you forgive them within seconds!
So which is cuter?  I’m not sure I can decide!  However, since I would never want to scar my children I will say I voted for babies!  There is something about seeing your own features in a little face that is so chubby, drooly, and giggly that just pulls them ahead of the walking teddy bears in my house.

What do you think?  Why not vote and let us know who you chose and why in the comment section below!Puppies vs. Babies online contest
To make your choice harder here are some shots of my babies who would have won if entered!

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