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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Well, Hello, Pilgrim!

Thanksgiving time is here and there are lessons to be learned!  Chances are your kids know about the Turkey, football, and all the family gathering round to eat way too much food, but do they know why you’re having all that?  Why not have them do a fun craft and talk about it!  The best part is this craft can either be a decoration, snack holder, or dress up hat!

Let’s get started!

You need:
Paper plates
Plastic cups
Hot glue
Black paint
Yellow paint
Construction paper (white or instead of the yellow paint use yellow paper)
Rubber band (optional)
Hot glue (optional)

Start by having the kids paint the cup and plate black unless you’re using a black cup and plate from a Halloween party.  Next, cut the construction paper so you have one strip and one square.  Have them paint the construction paper strip and square yellow unless you’re using yellow construction paper).  Cut out the middle of your square.  Allow everything to dry.

Once dry; glue the cup to the center of the plate.  (If you are using as a snack holder or dress up hat use hot glue) Glue yellow strip to the cup where the cup meets the plate.  Glue the yellow square onto the yellow strip.  Allow to dry!

If you are using this as a decoration you are done! 

If not and you are using as a hat cut out the center of the plate inside the cup.  Poke a hole on the cut and the plate on one side.  Do the same directly across from your holes on the other side.  Cut a rubber band and thread through the holes on one side and tie (you can also use string or left over fabric).  Measure on your child’s head for length and then tie on the other side.  Viola a pilgrim hat for your little pilgrim!

If you are using as a snack holder than cut out the center of the plate inside the cup!  Fill with your favorite snack and you will have them eating out of your hat!

To close, let’s remember why we are having this holiday and why we serve the foods we do.  Let’s pass on the story to the next generation and help them grow up thankful for what they have in life and those who sacrificed for it!


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