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Monday, November 21, 2011

Christmas Weight Watch: BEWARE!

Tis’ the season to eat too much, drink caloric beverages, and fill in those winter sweaters with weight we all will make resolutions to lose come January 1st .  Knowing all this, why not add something a little special to our Christmas lists to help us get a jump start on our Christmas resolutions.  Eating all that fatty food means you will need an Extreme Body Workout in order to reverse the calories you take in this season.  I know some of you will be using the “But baby it’s cold outside” and a little weight helps keep a person warm excuse, however muscle actually keeps you warmer than fat.  The better shape you are in the more you’re able to increase your metabolism thus increasing your bodies ability to maintain it’s desired body temperature.  

There are many ways to work out and an important thing to remember is that the body can plateau so variety is key.  I do yoga regularly and it has helped get me down to a size 6, but now I’m stuck here.  Introducing different styles, types, and target area’s to my work out can re-jump my body into losing more and toning quicker.  Like a two year old child our metabolism and bodies get bored easy.  Having a variety that we put into a work out rotation will help avoid getting stuck! 

Ladies, I would like to add as an aside that November puts us exactly 90 days from Valentine’s day where we want to look amazing either for our spouses or to make our ex’s regret being ex’s.  Finding a great 90 day review program can help get you ready for February.  Putting your workout choices on your Christmas list can motivate you to keep up the program. After all, why ask for something you won’t use and waste the gift request?  Plus, it is never to early to get into the habit of developing your beach body so that when the season hits you are ready for that swimwear shopping spree! 

Tis’ the season to get fit ladies!  Make sure to put your workout necessities on your list so that instead of filling out the red sweater you’ll be getting ready to show off the LBD!

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