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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Stuffed Meatballs! A Meaty Surprise

Dinner is so Boring! Some weeks, we make the same things over that we made the week before and while we make them because they are eaten, they definitely don’t bring any cheers of Yummy from the table. It was spaghetti night and to twist it up sometimes I make meatballs instead of frying the meat into the sauce. Yeah, I know, I’m getting crazy with that one! If that blows your mind then my next decision will put you in a coma, why not change the meatballs? I wonder if anyone will notice? Hmmm, my devilish smile snuck on my face as I decided to add a surprise to the meatballs and see what the crowd would think/say!

Tomato Sauce
Your favorite meatball recipe
Pepperjack cheese

Make your meatballs just as you normally would, at least up to the point where you form the balls. Here is where the surprise comes in! Cut up small chucks of cheese, pepperjack has a great zing to it and complements spaghetti nicely.

Then form the meatball around the cheese. Simple, yet delicious and a great way to change things up!

Cook the meatballs however you normally would, in the oven or on the stovetop. Put your spaghetti together as you normally would but don’t stir the meatballs in the sauce, they could break and you loose the surprise, instead, put the meatballs on the unsauced noodles and then put the sauce on top and serve.

Wait, acting like nothing has changed, just that your trying a new presentation of food or something. See what they say! If they are my husband they notice the dripping melted cheese before anything else because they tend to drown spaghetti in parmesan and notice the flavor after seeing the cheese. I however noticed the cheesy goodness when I ate and loved it! So, is your family like me and detect the flavor in the first bite or my husband and see it before they recognize the taste is different? Whichever the type this is a fun way to put a bit of flare to your typical spaghetti wednsdays!


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