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Monday, November 7, 2011

Kids' in the Kitchen

Thanksgiving is coming! Everyone loves the smell of the meal cooking all morning while the kids pretend to cook or wait for a scrap! This year why not give the kids something to pretend to make their own meal on! You can either go shopping and spend a few hundred dollars on a kitchen set or visit back over the next week as we make our own kitchen with a kid flare!

You need:

3 Giant boxes from your car seat, kid wagon, or whatever large item you’ve recently purchased
2-3 diaper boxes
Open top box crates (like the boxes you get at Costco)
Packing cardboard that was used to hold the item in the boxes in place
Rubber bands
Paper clips
Paper towel roll
Construction paper to cover your boxes
Contact paper
Paint/stickers/ or other glue-ables
Magazine cut outs of dishes

Ok, let’s get started.

First, we need to decide which boxes we will use for what appliances! Your tallest box that can stand upright on its’ own should be the fridge. The longest box that comes up to a kids waist or chest should be the sink base with the card board crate from a Costco shop that fits best on top for the sink and the paper towel roll as the faucet. The squarest box that comes up to a kid’s waist or chest should be the oven. The cardboard packing material will help create the dials for the oven.

Arrange each box next to each other in the area you will have them to make sure they fit in the space nicely and won’t fall over. Kid test the height by having a kid stand next to them.

Make sure all your supplies are gathered and ready for tomorrow we start construction!


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