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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Freezing Fridge!


Take your fridge box and tape it shut. Tape it well to avoid issues down the road. Now, decide where the door will be. Take a zacto-knife and cut out the door leaving 2 inches between the door and the top edge, side edge, and bottom edge of the box. Just fold back the flap so the door opens away from the fridge. Tape along the edge well to help reduce tearing. Now, tape along the cut to reduce the chance of tearing.

Take your diaper boxes and open them up! Cut the flaps off. On one end of the open diaper box hot glue it to the side of the inside of the fridge at the bottom up to its natural fold. Fold down the diaper box and glue it to the other side of the fridge to create a shelf. Use tape to secure the glued sides. The flaps to increase the strength of the shelf. Continue this process starting where the first shelf ends to create your fridge shelves all the way up!

Cover the outside in construction paper of your choice using tape on the edges and hot glue on the center portions of the construction paper. Once covered, put on the kid’s paint shirts and let them paint, glue on decorations, or stickers! Allow the fridge to dry while you clean up the kids and floor!

Cover the fridge in contact paper to reduce the flaking of the paint, fall off of the decorations, or peeling of stickers. Take old boxes or tub of food containers and clean them off. Fill them with the scraps from making the fridge, old plastic bags, or old papers and tape them shut well! Put them in the fridge and you’re fridge is now stocked and ready for action!

Visit back for how to make the other kitchen appliances!


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