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Friday, November 4, 2011

Crown Magnet!

Kids love to draw and pretend. Why not let them help decorate their room or kitchen with their own chalkboard? Let the kid pick out their own fancy high quality paper and their own design. In my case the kid picked out a crown design which I cut out for them (they were too young for scissors). I then measured out the size of chalk board needed to fit on their design choice. I cut out the chalkboard and traced where it would go on the design. Then, talk to the kids about not decorating the area you have crossed out and outlined in pencil or red pen as the chalkboard will go there. Put down the markers, fabric, sequins, and whatever else you have for them to put on their personalized chalk board. Watch them go nuts! Once they are done, attach the chalkboard to the design either by its own self sticking back or with hot glue. Let it dry! You can add a string to hang it from the wall or glue on a magnet to attach it to the fridge.

Now, once everything is dried, glue or tape one end of string to the front, at the other end of the string tie on a piece of chalk. Make sure when you measure your string the chalk can easily reach all ends of the chalkboard. Mount your new kid-designed chalk board and call your kid over to enjoy their Crowning Achievement in Chalk!

As your kids why they picked the design they did, why they decorated it with the things they did, what they plan on using it for(drawing, practicing writing, making a list), and write down what they tell you in your kids journal! In closing, we all love to decorate our kids room with what we interpret as something a kid would like or what we like ourselves. Maybe by giving our kids some creative expression we can find new ways of decorating that we never would have thought of before. After all, nothing is more colorful than a childs’ imagination!


Cardstock paper
Decorative scraps
Hot glue and gun
Magnet(if desired)
Pencil or red pen

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  1. This looks fun...Mine is too old but...I am here from MBS...and I am now following you! Pinkim from TrulySimplyPink


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