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Friday, November 11, 2011

Now, some dishes to cook on!

You can’t have dinner with out a dish to eat on! Let’s make some dishes!

You need:

Newspaper strips
Paper Mache

Blow up your balloon. Using your hands or a paint brush cover the balloon with paper mache! Roll up 3 strips of newspaper covered with paper mache goo and put at the top and bottom of your balloon in the shape of a triangle to create a base. Once dried, cut in half and paint!

To create pots follow the above directions only roll up strips of goo covered newspaper to create a thick long stick. Attach just below the center of the balloon using goo covered strips that start on one side of the balloon and wrap around the base of the stick, then repeat only go over the top of the stick until you feel it is secure. Do this for the other side of the balloon. When you cut in half and paint you will have two bowls! Best part, they cost virtually nothing and you can make more when they break!

There you have it! You now have a fridge, oven, sink, (potentially a fake turkey), and the dishes for your little cooks to pretend their way to a Thanksgiving meal! Get ready to dig in!



  1. New follower! Great ideas to share with the kids!

  2. Thanks! I love things that keep the kids busy twice! Once, when they are making it and again when they are playing with it!


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