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Monday, November 14, 2011

Abby Cheese Steak!

I had a craving and no I’m not pregnant, but I seriously wanted a hot sandwich of some sort. I looked in my freezer and got very excited when I saw some Jenny’O’s Smoked Apple Chicken Sausage!

Giggling with glee I grabbed the sausage, a pan, onion, red pepper, green pepper, pepper jack cheese, and hamburger buns. I sliced up the onions, peppers, and sausage and put them in the pan with a splash of olive oil.

I turned the burner to med high and once I hear the sweet sizzle turned it to med low for a nice slow cook! I made sure to stir often to avoid burning and because each stirred released more of the delicious smoked smell the meat gave off which tangoed like ballroom professionals with the scent of the cooking peppers and onion. I almost drooled the smell was so amazing!

Once, the veggie’s were cooked and the meat was cooked through I took the pan off the burner. I put some sausage on the bun with the pepper mix on top. It was still hot enough where I could just put thin slices of the cheese on top and they just melted perfectly! Putting the top of the bun on my sandwich was perfect! I sat down with a glass of water, now some will be shocked I didn’t pair it with nice amber ale or ice cold coke, but I was very excited over this sandwich and didn’t want anything to distract from the yummy goodness I was going to introduce into my mouth.

The first bite was heaven! It perfectly fit my craving. I love it when a meal comes together so smoothly. Most days I just eat whatever I can throw together or snacky type food that I’ve made during the day. Today was my lunch time treat! A meal where I pampered myself to a fully, healthy, and delicious cooked meal not centered on what everyone else will eat and I satisfied a craving! Some days, things just fall into place, my connecting domino’s was this meal which tied together a craft/learning filled morning with a very active afternoon of outside play and yoga! Yep, that was a good sandwich!



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