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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Everything and the Kitchen Sink!

Every cook knows you have a ton of dishes after cooking a feast! So, the kids will need a place to put and wash their dishes! One kitchen sink coming right up!

You need:

Box you choose for your sink
Costco crate box
Hot Glue
Construction paper
Paper Towel roll
Contact paper
Magazine cut outs of dishes
Glue sticks
Paint and other decorables

Take the box you chose for the sink and glue the Costco crate box to the top in the desired location. I put our crate to one side so a shelf for dishes can be had. To the back of the cardboard crate, in the center, tape the bottom of the paper towel roll. Bend it forward and tape over the top from the inside of the sink to create a faucet. Now cover the entire thing in construction paper using tape on the edges and glue on the middle of the construction paper.

Suite up the kids and decorate away! While it dries, clean up the kids and the floor. Now, take all your dish magazine cut outs and tape or glue to the front of your sink! Once you’re since is full of dishes to clean, cover it with contact paper and tape. Don’t forget every cook has dishes to clean and your sink is now ready for the job!

You can go to garage sales for plastic plates and bowls for the kids to use for play! Or you can visit back for how to make some of your own!



  1. Aw, this is a great post! I can't wait to do fun crafts like this when my son get's older! {he just turned one :)}

    xo -S

  2. LOL, my daughter is 18 months in the picture he will be able to get involved soon!


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