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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

An Oven To Roast In!

Cardboard Oven

Hey! Good Looking!  What you got cooking? Why not create a fun place for your bunch of good looking kids to make their Thanksgiving treats?  After all, you can't have Thanksgiving with out a ton of things baking and brewing on the oven!  Where else do you get the amazing smells?

You need:

Box you picked for the oven
Rubber bands
Construction paper
Paint and other decorables
Hot glue gun
Black construction paper
Contact paper
Packing material
Start with your oven box and decide where the front and where the back will be. On the top of the oven, on the side you have chosen for the back hot glue the cardboard filler to be the support for your oven controls!

You have two options here: You can either cut out a door poking a hole at the top of the door, bending a paperclip so the middle arch and the outside arch form an L, poke a hole ½ an inch from the edge of where the door comes to at the top, slide the smaller arch into the hole and tape it well to the inside of the oven. Bend the paperclip up at an angle and wrap in tape to reduce snagging. On the door slide one end of a rubber band into the slit you made on the door and tie it in a knot to itself creating an oven door latch. Then, make a shelf or two inside the oven the same way you made shelves for the fridge. Or you can just not cut the door for the oven.

Now, cover the oven in construction paper of your choice using tape for the edges and a hot glue gun for the middle of the construction paper. Once covered, put on the kids paint shirts and decorate away! Let dry while you clean up the kids and the floor.

Taking some black construction paper measure four circles. I used the bottom of a formula can, but the bottom of anything round works. Cut out the four circles. Now, there are two different ways to make the burners. First, take a piece of construction paper (color of your choice just not black) and measure another circle, this time cut out a spiral from the circle. Tape the spiral onto the circle for a burner. The second way is to cut out 5 rectangles ½ an inch thick that measure 1-2cm shorter than your circles radius. Cut our 5 more rectangles of a different color 1/3-1/4 an inch thick that measure 1-2cm longer than your radius. Glue the longer rectangles onto the sorter rectangles with only one side having excess. Connecting your rectangles at the center of the circle to form a star glue or tape down. Set your large burners to the side.

Next, cut out 2-4 small circles. Cut our 4 triangles with 2 long equal sides and one short side with about a 45 degree or smaller angle between the long sides. The triangle should be the diameter of the circles. In the center of the circles poke two small holes that are very close together. Thread a rubber band threw the circles. Fold the triangles in half and tape them slightly open onto the circles covering the area the rubber band threaded through. Put to the side.

Put on the kids paint shirts and start decorating. Allow the decorations to dry as you clean the kids up and the floor.

On the up risen cardboard filler poke holes close together in four different locations. Thread the rubber bands with the circles attached through the securing with a paperclip. Tape the paperclip into place. Now, your burner dials are in place!

Glue or tape the burners on the top of your box! Now cover everything except the burner knobs with contact paper and tape! Your oven is now in working order ready for a turkey!

You can make a fake turkey by stuffing a paper bag with other bags, taping into an oval shape. Then, take a toilet paper center and cover the top portion with brown plastic bags taping into an oval shape with about 1 inch of the toilet paper tube hanging out the bottom. Cut the toilet tube end into one inch sections and paint only that part white. Use a pencil and curl. Now, tape to the side of the large paper bag oval and you have a turkey!



  1. Oh my, I need to make one of these with the grandkids!! How fun, I think I will let them do it at my parents for Thanksgiving. It will keep them busy and allow for fun at the same time. Thanks for the idea and instructions!!

  2. @terri's Little Haven, let me know how it goes! If you can send a picture I'd love to see how my idea translates!
    @Me a mom at home, thanks! check out some of my other crafts and let me know if you like any of them!


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