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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Spooky Walkway Lanterns!

Looking for an easy and quick way to spook up your place? Add some light on the subject and show trick-or-treaters' the way to your haunted house with this craft! (Warning lately my daughter seems to have a hard time doing any craft without first painting herself! The pictures reflect this new habit.)

You need:
Empty and rinsed Milk Jugs
White Paint
Orange Paint
Black Paint
LED pumpkin lights

First, clean out your milk just and let them dry. Now, let the kids’ paint them either white or Orange. Allow the jugs to dry. Once dry, cut off the tops of the jugs. Paint on a face to the front (non-handle) side of your jugs. Let this dry. Put the jugs along your walkway with rocks in the bottom so they don’t fly away. Add the LED pumpkin light (no candles, we don’t want fires!). Let the ghosts and jack-o-lanterns show the trick-or-treaters' the way to your haunted house!

Let the kids be really creative with this one, create Frankenstein or aliens or monsters with paint! Ask them why they choose the Halloween character they did and write down what they say in your Kids’ Journal! In closing, simplicity can lead to some amazing moments and some haunting decorations!



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  2. Another awesome craft idea! Love it. Thank you. Will be sharing a link to this on my Facebook page.

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