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Friday, October 28, 2011

How to get your wings!

Is your little one in need of wings? Whatever they choose to be, sometimes, wings are just a must! Instead of spending an arm and a leg on wings, make your own!

You need:

Two hangers
Fabric or tulle
Packing tape
Needle and thread

Start by bending the hook part of your hanger to create a 90 degree angle. Pull the hanger out of its normal triangle into an oval or circle. If your able to and have the time to work the metal, shape it into the wing shape you desire, if not a circle/oval makes a great wing.

Next, Take your fabric or tulle and measure the length you will need to cover the wing add 6 inches to the length and width you find the wings to be. Fold the fabric in half with the oval part of the hanger in the middle of the fold between either sides of fabric. Pull the fabric down and tie the loose ends into knots. Stitch any openings and the knots so the fabric will stay on the hangers. Do this for both hangers.

Next, place the two hook portions together so the wings face the same direction and tape the hooks together. Wrap the hooks now covered in tape in felt and sew the ends to itself. Measure the elastic to go around each shoulder of the child adding 2 inches. Cut two pieces of Elastic. Fold the elastic in half.

Put the felt covered hooks inside the fold of the elastic, pull taut, and stitch the elastic closed, stitch the elastic to the felt so the two ends of the elastic face away from the wings. Now stitch the open ends to each other to create the arm holes. Once, both arm hole has been created decorate your wings. Sew on patches, glue on jewels, paint a design, sew on buttons, or stitch on shapes cut out of felt!

If you have a little bug and need antennae, take a headband and wrap a pipe cleaner around it leaving some of the pipe cleaner to stick up straight. Bend or curl the ends of the pipe cleaner to help your look or add painted or fabric covered Styrofoam balls on the end to finish your antennae look! Hot glue the pipe cleaner to the headband for added security.

Be careful that your little one doesn’t fly away with this costume! Remember to be careful while trick or treating!


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