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Monday, October 24, 2011

Dem' Rattlin' Bones!

Halloween sounds can really make the season come to life! Why not make a cute decoration that adds to that creepy feeling of your haunted house? It doesn’t cost much, but it provides years of memories and moments of fun while you make it!

You need:

Black paint
White paint
3 nails
3 screws
Outdoor primer
4 tin cans (empty soda cans are alright)
1 Hammer and nail (this nail shouldn’t be one of the ones listed above)
1 wire hanger
Glue gun
Kid feet

Start by priming the cans. Due to the chemicals please do this step yourself and allow this to dry fully! Now, have the kids paint the cans black and the screws and nails white. Allow this to dry.

Once the cans are dry, paint the kids’ feet white, be careful this may tickle. Help them press a foot print on different sides of the cans with the toes toward the openings of the cans or the openings of the soda cans. Let this dry.

Next, tie a string around the nails and screws. Using the hammer and nail put two holes across from each other in the end of the can with the bottom. Thread some string threw the holes in each can.

Take the hanger and bend it into a Z shape. Bend the hook so it forms a circle/oval.

Now tie the screws and cans to the hanger using the hot glue to secure it to the hanger so they don’t bunch up.

On the cans, use a black sharpie to draw on two eye holes, 3 nasal slits, and outline the teeth/toes on your skeleton!

Look at your collection of skeleton heads and white bones and cackle as they knock together in the wind! Hang outside for a spooky looking and sounding Halloween decoration!

Talk about the different bones in the body, offer facts about bones like what they are made of, and always write down what those kids say in your Kids’ journal! Don’t be afraid to take a moment of fun to teach something, you never know when the wind will blow a piece of knowledge your way! In closing, our bodies are full of interesting things and it is never too early to dissect the different pieces of knowledge they hold!


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  1. This is too cute, great idea! Always looking for craft ideas, keep em coming!


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