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Friday, October 21, 2011

Monster Eyes!

It’s the season to be spooky! I’m not sure if you’re like me, but I look around at the decorations and everything costs an arm and a leg (bad Halloween joke, I know). So, I did what I’m best at, I looked around at what I had in my house that I could turn into a great spooky decoration! Recently, the hubby and I went golfing, I’m really bad so half way through I had to stop off and buy more balls (I realize I’m disgracing myself as an Arizonian with that reveal, but what can you do with a slice like mine). I have a ton of left over felt and tulle scraps, paint galore, and an empty container from some foam stickers I recently got. Bing! Inspiration hit! Mainly because every time I was on the tee I felt like that little white ball was staring at me, so eyes it is!

You need:

White balls (golf, ping pong, bouncy)
Red paint (color of your choice is fine)
Green felt
White tulle
Clear container to hold balls
Black or green marker (again color of your choice is fine)
An empty egg crate
Kid’s fingers

Start by putting the balls in the egg crate, so they will dry better. Next, dip child’s finger in the paint and put a finger print on each ball. Allow to dry. Once this is dry draw on the pupils with your marker and adds squiggly lines for the eye ball veins. Allow to dry. Place the balls in your container; put the tulle on top then the green felt for the monster slime that has oozed out of the eyes. Put on the lid and Viola! One container of Monster Eyes to place in your dissection lab (evil laugh here)! Best part about this decoration, you can still take the balls out when done and use them! Bonus, for a bad golfer like me, you’ll always know which ball is yours even when you’re not sure you want too!

You can add to this by using a few different colors of balls and paint! I used a yellow golf ball and some small lemons still green that fell off my tree early this year. Label the jar or container with a label that has a spider’s web or one eyed monster on it for effect! If you don’t need the balls back you can spray with glitter spray and glow in the dark spray before putting in the jar for some glowing light catching monster eyes! Beware if you use the balls again, glitter will fly off creating a dusty sparkly trail behind it potentially blowing into your eyes. Don’t let your monster eyes hurt your eyes if you use glitter.

Halloween can be fun no matter your budget. All you need is what you have in your house, a little inspiration, the Halloween spooky spirit to guide that inspiration, and kids willing to create with you! Remember to write down pearls of wisdom or insight your kid offers in your Kids Journal! If the kids are older take this chance to talk about the different parts of the eye like the iris and how they help us to see! In closing, kids are happy spending time with you finding, creating, learning, and loving. So, don’t spend a bunch of money on decorations when you can create so much more by making your own!


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