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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Blog Growth!

I've made some updates to the old blog here!

I started a savings page with links to contests, coupons, deals, and free stuff! Check it out if you're looking for a way to save that extra dollar!

For the fur lovers out there! I've also started a page all about the furbabies/dogs! I'll post deals for pets as I find them at the bottom of the page and from time to time will add a story or picture of the other kids in my house who walk on four legs instead of two!

I now have a sponsor page for those looking to keep the crafts coming and get some extra veiwers sent their way so check that page out if your interested or to see who are my supporters. You can also purchase ad space on my blog the link for that is on the right side. Or just donate with the donate button!

Another new page is the site's I'm active. If you are a blogger looking to further your network check these sites out. If you want to support my blog just click on one of the many review sites to the left and give a great review!

In addition, I now also have a page listing the awards, honorable mentions, and where I have been featured.

Can't get enough Mommy Moments? If you want to see more stuff from me check out the page listing my guest postings for other sites/blogs.

Last, but definately not least is my button page. If your interested in other great blogs check out the button page and click on the buttons to visit other site's that I love!

This blog is growing and I love the support! I'm hoping to keep all the crafts, yoga, recipes, book reviews, deals, puppy love, opinions, and product opinions coming for your pleasure and knowledge. Thanks for visiting, come back often and soon!


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