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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

King Me!!!!

Every kid loves their birthday and wants to feel special. Why not have a queen or king for the day? No Spoiled Princes or Princesses in my house, only Kings and Queens who aren’t spoiled and rule their little worlds with diplomatic tendencies and respectful demeanors. We offer the top of the food chain only for these kids on their special day. Each kid will have their special day where they get to pick between this or that (both favorites) for lunch or dinner, pick the book for story, pick the movie, pick outside play or inside stretches, etc. It is their day of guided choice. They get to feel special and celebrated plus explore their preferences with each choice. Now, what does each king or queen need? A crown of course! Who better to design the perfect crown than the kid themselves?

You will need:

Poster board
Whatever scraps you feel are safe for your child to have or have bought

The other kids can be busy painting a piece of paper (to be used in a future posting), while the king or queen get to decorate their crown with markers, jewels, stickers, and whatever else you have and they want to put on it. First, cut a strip out of the Poster board depending on how tall you want the crown to be once on, remember if it’s too tall it may look like a dunce cap or just fall off. Now, just set the markers, scraps, and glue in front of the little royalty! If they ask for paint, why not, add a paint shirt to the kid and your set. Once they have decorated the poster board till they see fit allow it to dry. Cut a wavy design out of the top, measure the kids head and staple the poster board to fit making sure to overlap the ends of the poster board for a sturdier crown. If you wish to add their name, do so in fabric, jewels, marker, or whatever you (or the child) choose. Place the crown on its owners head and you’ve just crowned your King/Queen of the day!

Write down the preferences, choices, decisions and their reasons in your Kid’s Journal! Ask them why they pick what they do each time to get them thinking of cause, effect, and develop reasoning skills. Don’t be worried if at first they aren’t sure of why, just asking for an answer can get kids thinking about something they may not have been. To close, it is important for us all to remember that we are not always the ones in charge and we need to respect and listen to those around us. That said it is not healthy to never be in charge of anything, if you do not place responsibility and authority on yourself in your life you will end up leading someone else’s to a lesser extent. So, when its someone else’s turn to decide, allow them the respect you want back and when it’s your turn to play King or Queen always make sure to accept responsibility for the choices you make.


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