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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Touched by a kid card!

Birthdays, Birthdays, Birthdays become a major event in your child’s life. I’m not just talking about their own either, they will have family, daycare friends, school/preschool friends, church(if you go) friends, activity (soccer, swim, dance, football, or whatever else you sign them up for, and mommy group friends Birthdays to go to each month. So, how do you teach your kid to make each gift special? Start with the card!

While, the King/Queen is making the crown each kid gets to make a card!Yesterday, we made crowns for the King or Queen of the day. During that craft while we had the King/Queen decorating their crown we had the other kids doing something else.

You need:
Cut down Poster board or Cardstock Scrapbooking paper
Marker that will show up on the color of paper chosen
Any craft supplies you or your child desire
or buy a kit:

Start by having you child decorate the paper. Measure the middle of the paper and with a faint line in pencil mark the center where the fold will be. Advise the child not to glue anything on the line, markers, crayon, color pencil are fine, but no gluing or the glued object will fall off. Tell them what the card is for and who they are making it for. Ask them what they think the other person would like on the card, it may change the colors your child is using or their design suddenly becomes different than something they would have done in the past.

Once the paper is decorated allow it to dry if needed. After it dries fold the paper in half. On the back side of the card write “created by (insert child’s name). If the kid is old enough with enough vocabulary ask them what they want the card to say and either have them write it or have them sign the inside themselves. If the child isn’t old enough just create a snappy saying for the card and have the card creator put a hand print for a signature on the inside.

Your child has now not only explored their artistic side, but worked on letters, sentence forming, consideration of others, peer analysis, and putting a little heart into a gift. Make sure you write down anything the child tells you while they work on this and take note of any crafty phrases they choose for the card! Kids are always observing and it may surprise you how much they have noticed about their friends and what their friend would enjoy seeing on a card. To close, it never hurts to put a little heart in anything and a little heart added to a gift doesn’t cost a thing, but adds millions to the value!



  1. This is a great idea, Abby! Jack and I like to hand make all of our cards for relatives, and they've started making artistic cards for Jack too! Last week Jack and I were in the yard clipping back some unruly plants. We took a few pretty purple flowers off of one of them and I showed him how to press them between two sheets of wax paper squished between pages of a very thick book. Now that they are flat and still very colourful, he can use them to make a card for one of his female relatives!

  2. Thanks! Love your added touch with garden clipped flowers! Now, I just need to grow some flowers. I love hearing about new ways or ideas that can add to projects.



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